We are passionate about encouraging children to eat fresh fish, and as chefs, we love nothing more than to encourage children to handle and prepare food which they can enjoy.  That’s why, to celebrate National Kids take over the kitchen day on 13th September, we have created our shrimp burger box so that your mini foodies can put an apron on at home and prepare the dinner!

Our box contains everything that your budding chef needs to create our popular shrimp burger – prawns, buns, garnish and our special house sauce.  Each box serves two and costs £12.  It’s available to pre-order and enjoy all of this week, simply give us a call on 020 3325 1462 to order and come and collect from our fish counter.

Then follow our simple ‘how-to guide’ below and sit back and relax whilst the kids do the hard work!

How to… create the Fish Union Shrimp Burger at home

STEP 1: Mix the chopped prawns with the pureed prawns.

STEP 2: Add the spring onions and chillies to the prawns and mix well.

STEP 3: Add the hot sauce to the mix to taste. Just go for a small dash if you don’t like it too spicy.

STEP 4: (Now this is where you really get your hands dirty!) Mould the prawn mix into flattened round burger shapes and place on paper.

STEP 5: If possible, leave the burgers to set in the fridge for two hours.

STEP 6: Now you’re ready to cook… Remove paper and generously season the burgers whilst cooking them in a pan.  Pan fry them for ⅔ minutes each side.  If your burgers are thick, finish them off in the oven.

STEP 7: Get it dressed… Lightly toast the bun, place the burger in the bun and add the lettuce, sliced tomato and our house spiced Marie Rose sauce, and then enjoy!

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